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Kube Engineering has been developing innovative concepts and tailored solutions for critical applications in the automotive, aeronautical, avionics, telematics, transportation and infrastructure industries for more than 20 years.

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We work on the implementation of security methods capable of positively impacting each of our clients. Component design and computer-aided structural analysis (CAE), functional safety, electronic data transmission, driving assistance and electronic toll systems and process automation are some of our core competencies.


Conception & Planning. Within the requirements that the client needs.


Project implementation first steps and simulation of results.


Necessary quality and safety tests and tests


We offer the solution to the client, meeting the corresponding specifications

Analysis & development

In all areas where it is necessary to guarantee functional safety (e.g. aeronautics, human-machine interaction, driving assistance, active safety systems), we develop embedded systems, tests (HIL, SIL), system integration and development of software.

CAE-processes & methods All kinds of simulations for vehicle safety. Testing and development of solutions for passenger and pedestrian protection

Development of Thin and Thick Client software and systems. Creation of functional prototypes. We also work with factories in the process of digitalization and sensorization (Industry 4.0).

Active and passive safety

We specialize in creating custom models and methods to analyze and optimize vehicle structures that are safe and lightweight at the same time. Balance occupant safety with efficiency in terms of weight and fuel consumption, using advanced engineering and simulation techniques.

We specialize in the development and testing of precise hardware, such as sensors and cameras, along with customized software solutions for driving assistance and electronic toll systems. Our focus is to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of these systems, improving the driving experience and simplifying the payment and access processes in the case of electronic tolling. Quality and accuracy are fundamental to our development and testing approach in these crucial areas.

Effective, tailored support for critical applications: from setting specifications to auditing or certification.

We develop customized system solutions for processing and making available data from sensors in production processes and machinery.

Developments & procedures
more agile

Immediate evaluation of ideas. We quickly develop functional samples for evaluation and presentation.

Procedures, results, times, costs. We provide you with planning and process optimization. In such a way that you acquire solutions and experience.

Vehicle & Transport

Man & Machine

Innovation & development

We are your development partner

The requirements and needs of our clients are our priority, which makes us competitive

Driving assistance 95%
Data processing 85%
Prototyping 88%

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