Structural analysis (CAE)

Virtual models for technical calculation and simulation

Vehicle safety

Specialists in crash simulation of complete vehicles, both combustion, electric and hydrogen. Our focus is to evaluate the safety and integrity of vehicles in realistic collision situations, providing accurate data to improve occupant safety and vehicle quality on the road.

In the area of HV-SAFETY (high voltage safety), we specialize in designing safe containers for batteries and electronics, as well as structural components, with a focus on the safe integration of high voltage cables. Our goal is to meet the most rigorous safety and energy efficiency standards in high-voltage applications, such as electric vehicles and energy storage systems, to ensure the protection of people and assets.

Through the calculation of finite elements, we support the development of new prototypes in the world of urban and racing automobiles. Our goal is to create tailored solutions that adapt to the specific needs of our clients in various sectors, guaranteeing efficiency and security in their applications.

We provide support in the design of structures that are light and at the same time safe. This involves a meticulous analysis approach that uses advanced materials and innovative engineering techniques to achieve an optimal balance between light weight and durability.

We develop computational models of both materials and specific vehicle components based on real laboratory tests in order to realistically represent the behavior of complex components and the interaction between them.

We prioritize safety at every step: from designing components for vehicle occupant protection to developing advanced solutions for pedestrian safety. Our commitment is to create a safer world on roads and streets for everyone.

Railway industry

Static analysis

Validation and detection of critical points in railway designs subject to loads defined according to railway regulations (EN12663)

Welding fatigue

Fatigue life analysis of welded joints according to standards set by different railway standards (Eurocode, DVS 1610, DVS 1608)

Shock and vibrations

Frequency response analysis of equipment and fatigue life calculation of welded joints subject to dynamic loads (IEC 61373)

Screwed joints

Validation and sizing of bolted joints subject to both static and dynamic loads (VDI2230)


Coupled thermo-mechanical analysis of mechanical transmission components such as engines, gearboxes or clutches. The complete equipment is analyzed considering the pretension of bolted joints, contact in bearings and gears and the thermal loads to which they may be subject.

Modeling and analysis of components with complex mechanisms subject to loading conditions in service.

Modeling and calculation of pre-tensioned tires for dynamic simulation considering the initial load of the vehicle and their filling pressure.

Lightweight design and non-linear materials.

We develop and verify lightweight structures for systems with complex or changing boundary conditions. Examples: hybrid propulsion systems, battery containers.

Our experience ranges from the development of methods for manufacturing processes, through the characterization and validation of material models, to the construction of complex calculation models.

CAE processes and methods. Ensure quality and save time

Accelerate processes and reach results faster: This is achieved thanks to our work structure: grouping skills, sharing knowledge and parallelizing tasks.

Thanks to our experience in CAE programming, we provide our engineers and yours with adapted tools to ensure quality and constant process optimization.

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