Software and systems solutions and integrations

Systems development and integration

Back-end development covers Thin Client (processing on servers) and Thick Client (processing on devices) solutions, applicable in cases such as electronic tolling and assisted driving. For Thin Client, logic is centralized on servers, ideal for quick data access. Thick Client runs some processing on local devices for local decisions. In both cases, back-end development includes data management, security, and key connectivity for these applications.

We offer a “Rapid Prototyping” service that allows you to turn your ideas into products efficiently and affordably. We work in collaboration with you to design and develop functional prototypes using advanced technologies, allowing you to present your innovations to the market quickly and evaluating their viability. This gives you a competitive advantage by agilely adapting to market demands and making informed decisions about your project.

We are deeply familiar with a wide range of key industrial standards and protocols, enabling us to design and develop bespoke solutions that specifically fit the needs and challenges of your industrial systems. Our experience in integrating automation technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and real-time connectivity allows us to offer customized solutions that optimize operational efficiency, product quality and informed decision making in your environment. industrial. Whether you are looking to improve production monitoring, asset management, logistics or quality, we are prepared to adapt our solutions to your specific objectives and requirements in the context of Industry 4.0.

We carry out exhaustive information collection with the purpose of effectively integrating it into driving assistance systems. This involves the collection and analysis of real-time data from a variety of sources, such as in-vehicle sensors, cameras, map information, and weather data. This data is used to develop advanced algorithms that detect driving patterns, road conditions and other relevant factors to provide warnings and assistance in critical situations, such as dangerous curves or adverse weather conditions. Our technology helps improve road safety and the driving experience by providing valuable and timely information to drivers, thereby increasing efficiency and safety on the road.

Embedded Software Low level programming for optimal performance.

We develop specific operating systems, applications and interfaces for your hardware.

Our strength: customer-oriented developments. We quickly develop functional samples for evaluation and presentation.

Safety and Quality Management

We provide you with a transparent view of your system and a clear strategy for implementing the requirements.

Thanks to our experience in numerous large-scale projects, we examine the requirements and risks at system interfaces with a transversal vision.

Starting with the software architecture, we ensure that the previous specifications are optimal to guarantee functionality and quality from the beginning, thus reducing costs.

We provide you with a transparent view of your system and a clear strategy for implementing the requirements.

We accompany you in your transformation. Welcome to the digital age

Compact Tolling Dongle Toll Devices. Security, functionality and mobile connectivity. Identification of routes and payments takes place in the cloud. Through an internet connection and GPS, the user can access a comfortable interface through an app on their smartphone to view the routes traveled and their corresponding costs.

Acquisition of data from sensors and encrypted transfer to servers for subsequent processing and analysis. Training machine learning algorithms to detect patterns and predict future incidents

Keyword detection for visual assistance system. Critical systems cannot depend on online connectivity. High security applications and sensitive data cannot be sent to third parties. Our custom keyword detection works completely offline

IT prototyping development

Intelligent components with auto damage detection

Application case: The wheels of this racing vehicle are made of a composite material reinforced with carbon fibers. In the event of a collision or crash, damage can occur, which is often detected too late.

On-board and real-time damage control offers a notable benefit in increasing safety.

Structural sensor

Active sensor

Structural sensor

Our systems are capable of taking advantage of the shape and properties of the component to use it as a sensor.

Active sensor

Generates a stimulus in the system and compares the resulting response with a reference. which remains constant/active.

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